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Fact Finding Mission 2006 to Uganda

Since 2001 the ROI has sent six teams to Uganda to teach reflexology to organisations helping people living with HIV/AIDS. The three main recipients of our training are The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO), Hospice Africa and Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM's).

My intention this year was to revisit some of the reflexology groups to assess their progress in delivering the therapy reflexology to the TASO clients with the possibility of introducing some research.

It was delightful to revisit the students and rekindle old friendships. Traditionally the ROI team train a group for one week and then moved to another centre. A year goes by before we can send another team, in which time some students grow and flourish and others may fall by the wayside. During that year those students who are keen, will practise the therapy and produce case studies so that they can progress with us to the next level the following year.

Many of the reflexologists at TASO are HIV+, and their enthusiasm to help one another is such a joy to see. They know all too well the pain and fear of being diagnosed with the HIV virus. The healing touch of reflexology can help to reduce the stigma of the disease and can bring hope and a more positive approach to life.
I visited three TASO centres, meeting with managers, doctors and data managers. We discussed the possibility of their volunteers doing some research into the relief of pain on a group of HIV+ clients, initially for a six-week period. They were enthusiastic to work with therapists to help collate and provide evidence of the effects of the reflexology treatments.

I spent time with the students and trainers of TASO and Hospice Africa. We discussed looking after the therapists needs as well as the clients. Therapists agreed to exchange treatments regularly in order to keep healthy, to exchange ideas and encourage new clients to train in reflexology.

They report that their clients give positive feedback in reducing anxiety, and relieving pain. The therapists find it frustrating when clients do not arrive for treatments.
We visited the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) Training Centre where we had trained last year with Sister Rosemary Mohan, an AoR Reflexologist. Rosemary trained one basic group whilst I worked with two ROI Ugandan trainers to bring three students to qualify for trainer status.

Rosemary has regularly visited the students and now we have six trainers at the MMM Makondo centre near Masaka.

Rosemary's teacher in Ireland sent Anatomy and Physiology, and Reflexology books to Rosemary so that those who had gained trainer status were awarded a book with their certificate. The students were delighted as books are in such short supply. We would like to appeal again for more books to be sent directly to Uganda, so that newly qualified trainers can be awarded with (their own) a book.

If you have any reflexology books that you no longer need and would like to donate them, please e-mail me at marisingleton@hotmail.com for addresses for you to send them to in Uganda. It would be so much appreciated and would help the trainers to have a point of reference.

Since returning home, Mary Lukubo, our ROI Patron in Uganda, has been in touch and has worked hard putting together a research document at TASO Mulago in Kampala. They are hoping to start the research early in 2007.

I would like to thank Mary Lukubo our patron for her continuing support to with Reflexology Outreach International in delivering reflexology training in Uganda.

Mari Singleton

Co-ordinator for Fact Finding Mission 2006 to Uganda


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